Buy & Sell


Buy & Sell



Mondays: 1pm-5pm

Tuesday thru Saturday: noon-5pm




     SquaresVille is a buy • sell • trade clothing store specializing in vintage and designer men’s and women’s fashions of the 20th century.


     Our clothing comes solely from sellers who come to the store. Our buyers pull out items we believe will sell in the store. Our selections are based on the basic premise of supply and demand. We cater mainly to young, urban customers and vintage or designer clothing collectors, and our buyers are trained to purchase items that will sell well and sell quickly. Selections are made based on current fashion trends, season, collectable value, and in-store stock. Clothing brought to us must be clean and in good condition.


     After determining that we are interested in purchasing an item to sell in the store, the buyer will quote the price the item would be priced for. The payment for the clothing is based on this price. The seller has the option of receiving 35% in cash, or 55% in trade of the price quoted. Another option is consigning the item for 50% cash, or 60% trade - however, consigning is reserved for more expensive or unusual items only.

Once the price has been determined and the seller is in agreement, the seller is paid in cash, check or trade right away, unless the item has been consigned.  

Come by, or give us a call for more information and updates on what we are looking for!